The Practical Romantic’s Guide to Planning a Wedding on Ambergris Caye Belize

belize wedding ceremony ambergris caye belize grand colony island villasWhether you’re planning your first, second or 10th wedding, your affair deserves to be treated with all of the pomp and circumstance the occasion calls for, so may we suggest picking Ambergris Caye in Belize for your upcoming nuptials? Even the late Elizabeth Taylor could have thrown all of her weddings here and not repeated a single detail because Belize has become the hemisphere’s quintessential wedding destination. Happily, it’s easy to plan an Ambergris Caye wedding and our “Five Ps” guide makes it easier.

The Place
Where will you stage your wedding on Ambergris Caye? You’ll have a bounty of choices: sandy beaches, lush gardens, exotic venues like local historic sites and just about anywhere that suits your fancy throughout this exotic island. Beach weddings are a specialty on Ambergris Caye and you’ll certainly have plenty of beaches from which to choose, but one dynamic doesn’t change: There’s no hassle putting together your wedding here, especially if you enlist the help of experts at Grand Colony Island Villas where weddings are always on the calendar.

The Planning
You’re required to show up in Belize at least 72 hours before your wedding because that’s the law. If you decide to hold your affair at a resort like the Grand Colony, you’ll chat with wedding planners by phone and the Internet before you arrive, so by the time your plane lands, you’re blissed out rather than stressed out. Staff will even help you fill out an application for your wedding license and, armed with valid passports and other documentation required by the Vital Statistics bureau in Belize City, your Grand Colony Wedding Coordinator will even drive your paperwork there to file it while you lounge in the sun.

The Prerequisites
There’s always a presumption that you and your betrothed are either divorced or widowed, but we feel an obligation to remind you of this. You may have been asked to bring with you a birth certificate, proof of citizenship, divorce and/or death certificates. Of course it’s a pain in the neck to gather all of this stuff up, but trust us, you’ll be happy you did because by providing this documentation, you’ve cleared the path to your vows. Whether you prefer a civil or a religious ceremony, we can line you up with the proper officiant, so cross that off your list, too.

The Particulars
During the four day wait between landing in Belize and taking your vows, you’ll be preoccupied with only a few last-minute details because when you arrange for a Grand Colony wedding package, everything’s provided and pre-planned before you hit town: honeymoon suite, wedding cake, bride’s bouquet, officiant and photographer. Our menu of package extras offers even more, so if you want it, we can supply it. We specialize in jittery brides, so you can be sure everything will be handled with great efficiency.

The Post Script
It’s incumbent upon you to have the time of your life at your wedding and since most newlyweds honeymoon at Grand Colony too, no worries about any more paperwork, forms or documents. Down the road, we will make a second trip on your behalf to Belize City to pick up your official marriage register. It will be mailed to you promptly, and there’s no need to worry about validity since Belize marriages are recognized worldwide.

Learn how we can help you craft a wedding that’s unlike any other. Start by visiting our website: Once you read about all of the extra touches The Grand Colony Team can provide to make your wedding memorable, it’s appropriate to pour a glass of champagne to toast the future.