Queen Conch Season officially opens in Belize

Today, October 1st, signals the start of the Belize Queen Conch season, a harvest period that lasts til June 30th. The Queen Conch (Strombus Gigas) is an important revenue earner for the fishing industry of Belize as it generates millions seasonally.

Enforcing bodies including the Fisheries department are tasked with educating the public with sustainable fishing and harvesting of these precious shellfish. During this new season, the BFD advises on the regulations regarding the fishing and handling of the Queen Conch. The shell must not exceed seven inches in length, and establishments cannot have diced conch meat in their possession. As for conch flesh that has been processed as market clean, the weight should exceed three ounces, while filleted flesh, which is completely processed white meat, should exceed 2.75 ounces.

Of note, the season is underway from October first, 2019 to June 30th, 2020 and it is expected that more than eight hundred thousand pounds will be harvested for export to the international market.  For most Belizeans the opening of the season signals much desired dishes such as; conch fritters, conch ceviche, conch soup and everything in-between that will be on the forefront of every eateries menu. And at Pier 366, is no exception. This season find all your favorite conch dishes prepared fresh just the way you like it! Happy eating!

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