Cancel Your August 6th to 8th Plans Now and Calendar the Costa Maya Festival!

If you live for festivals (and who doesn’t?), treat yourself to Belize’s biggest annual extravaganza, the International Costa Maya Festival. It’s a huge effort to entertain, educate and attract residents and visitors alike to Ambergris Caye during the weekend of August 6th to 8th 2015.

The International Costa Maya Festival committee knows a thing or two about staging a successful party, so consider this your personal invite. RSVPs? Not required. Just show up and prepare to party like it’s 1999! Sure, that lyric was introduced by singer Prince in 1982, but who’s counting years when the music’s diverse, the food’s great and you’re in the company of so many happy people?

What’s up?
A wild celebration of dance, music, food, drinks, pageantry and just about every attraction a serious party-goer would expect. It’s an annual event, so planners admit to striving to make last year’s Costa May Festival pale in comparison, but you’ll be the judge of that when you make the scene again this year.

How long?
Anticipate three full days of carnival honoring Belize’s heritage of Mayan culture. Because Mayans put down roots in so many neighboring nations, the annual La Reina de la Costa Maya Pageant is hoping to have contestants dressed in national finery from other Central American countries. If you have a favourite contestant, you’ve just got to show up to lend your support and enthusiasm.

When and where?
The dates are set, so mark your calendar: August 6th to 8th. Join other revelers on Ambergris Caye island’s hottest party spot—San Pedro Town. Is the party confined to a small section of the island? What do you think? Wherever you look, discover dance performances, music, food stalls and a bounty of attractions appealing to men, women and kids who know a great festival when they see one.

What’s in it for you?
Silly reader: you wait for opportunities to forget the world’s woes and tribulations by getting in touch with the side of your personality that likes to let go, feel the music in your soul and witness some of the finest performing groups in the hemisphere. Whether you prefer your music and performances as contemporary as it gets or traditional music tugs at your heartstrings, the Cost Maya Festival won’t disappoint.

Nowhere to stay?
Perhaps you’re ready to put on your best party outfit and cut loose, but you haven’t a place to stay. How about the self-catering Grand Colony Villas ( where you and your best buds can share the cost of lodgings while making unforgettable memories? You know you want to go, so bookmark the event site for the inside scoop on the latest additions of performance artists, venues and attractions. Festival planners are happy to answer your questions, so ask away at!