Grand Colony Island Villas in Ambergris Caye Could Redefine the Way your Family Vacations


What family vacation stands out most in your mind? A camping trip that became a rugged adventure? Perhaps your family packed the kids into the backseat for road trips that triggered games of counting cars along the way. Your experiences may be limited to domestic vacations, but suppose we told you that you could take your kids to a foreign land on a domestic budget—would that be of interest? Belize has become a red hot destination for families, and not just because it’s affordable. Jungles, rainforests, animal preserves, caves and Mayan ruins keep kids between seven and 14 engaged, curious and delighted—and you won’t have a problem getting them to sleep after full days of fun.

Take the road that’s (increasingly) well-traveled: Daily nonstop flights from the U.S. and Canada originate in a growing number of major cities. Leave from Houston and Belize is just a couple of hours away, followed by a short hop via a commuter plane to get your brood to Ambergris Caye. What’s the point? Fidgety kids don’t have to be confined to their seats for long periods of time, so you won’t need aspirin. By the time you start unpacking, they’ve got more than enough energy to hit the pool running.

Where in Ambergris Caye can you find appropriate accommodations? Hands down, it’s Grand Colony Villas where you get an interesting mix of luxury and kid-friendly rooms, services and amenities. Despite being a magnet for families, there’s something about arriving on the grounds of the Grand Colony that is known to slow down even the most hyperactive kid. We frequently hear that the Colony, located near San Pedro on Ambergris Caye, is Belize’s equivalent of tranquilizers minus the drugs.

Why recommend Ambergris Caye and specifically Grand Colony Villas for your family vacation? Easy. Both get rave notices from the respected reviewing agencies you count on when you must decide between venues and you’re not sure which hotel and resort claims to believe. Grand Colony is the only Traveler’s Choice recommendation in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, and for six years in a row, TripAdvisor Certificates of Excellent have been bestowed upon the resort–many from parents eager to share their experiences.

But, enough about awards. You want to know how to build memories so your kids look back upon this time with the same sweet recollections that you hold of your own childhood vacation experiences. Of course, everything starts with the right lodging, which can make all of the difference in the world.

Our villas (your choice of first, second and exclusive third floor accommodations to suit your kids’ comings and goings) are already equipped with so many extras, you’ll think that your fairy godmother flew here first and outfitted your rooms with a bounty of helpers. From luxe trappings like hardwood ceilings and marble flooring to conveniences and appliances that run the gamut from hair dryers and trash compactors to washer, dryer, microwave and ‘fridge, you can do laundry and prepare simple family meals so you don’t have to dine out every night.

What’s in it for the kids? Paradise. Kids have been dragged to taxis at the end of family vacations at Grand Colony because they really, really, really didn’t want to leave! Was it the private pool that won their hearts—the free bicycles and kayaks—or the unlimited Wi-Fi known to bring a texting teen to tears? We’re not sure. We do know that family members have fallen hopelessly in love with the Jacuzzi tub in master bedrooms, the golf carts parents drive to chauffeur kids around the island and the adventure tours to places that, heretofore, have been relegated to geography textbooks.

We know what you’re thinking, so let’s put this matter to rest: Our accommodations are affordable, prices are even better during the green season (June to October) and at the moment, you’re looking at 30-percent discounts at Grand Colony, so even if you’ve got an Angelina Jolie/Brad Pitt-size family, we’ve got your deal right here and now.

Budget? Check. Logistics? Double check. What’s left to mention? Our adventure packages. They’re so diverse, family feuds have been known to erupt as kids and parents “discuss” which tours to take. Hubby wants to deep-sea dive. Your teen heard it’s cool to scuba dive and plans to send texts and selfies to friends in real time. The little ones beg for a jungle adventure and you long to shop San Pedro, bird-watch or learn more about Belize’s commitment to ecological balance and sustainability.

How to decide? Well, you can always put it up to a vote, but expect this discussion to teach you more about your family dynamic than you would ever have learned on a road trip!

Why not gather the entire family around your computer right now and start your adventure here: See what comes up as you spend time on the Grand Colony website to understand how much awaits if you vacation here with your family.

Your next move? Book a villa. Use your favorite aggregator to grab the best flights from cities in close proximity to your hometown (they’re particularly reasonable from now to October) and then see who needs a new bathing suit. Done and done.